Neta s.r.l. has been working in the Information Technology national market for more than 20 years, it is a member of TomWare s.c.a.r.l. and it is now focused on projecting and developing software applications. It specializes in software

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Have your website on CMS open source developed!

Renovate or create your website from scratch thanks to a professional service, from the simplest one for personal use to an international e-commerce portal. Our proposal c


TrackPro is a complete, flexible and custumizable telemetry and geopositioning solution for vehicle and plants that support many networks and that is suitable for the management of fleets of any size. The system utilizes a dedicated device installed on the... Read more

Tableau de Bord – Digital Signage

Tableau de Bord is a software solution able to control and execute the reproduction of digital contents (spots, entertainment, advertisement, publication of data and dynamic measures, images etc). It is available either in cloud through a web application or through... Read more

CRM Light

It is a web based application for the management of contacts and customers relationship; it features a sending newsletters module, delivered via the in cloud web application, which does not require any installation of any product locally. This is a... Read more


It is a technology that integrates software and sensors, and was created to publish in real time a company’s network status. The system can publish web pages, which can be embedded on the Company’s intranet, in order to report alarms,... Read more

The Wine Portal

Wine Portal is a B2B application, available via web application in cloud, with the aim to automate a simplify the management the supply chain in trading  wines and spirits on the international market. It is a real marketplace designed to... Read more

Indoor Location

It is an indoor location system that manages the distribution of contextual content to smartphones. Our service is realized through the use of a network of proximity sensors (beacons), through the Eddystone protocol.  Essentially these devices, which are low cost... Read more

Member of the consortium Tomware s.c.a.r.l.

It deals with analysis and software development in web-oriented environment for vertical application, websites and app for mobile systems. It produces applicative tools directed to companies and specific softwares personalized on custumer’s needs. Moreover it offers high level skills in the administration of systems based on Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange.